ABB's Newest Lightning Air Terminal

ABB continues to innovate and has developed a new generation of lightning devices! The new OPR range, with increased initiation advance performances, represents further progress in protection, operating autonomy, and ease of maintenance on your Lightning Protection System (LPS). These advancements reinforce ABB’s position as the international leader in direct lightning protection, with over 200,000 installations throughout the world.

Now UL Listed!

A photo of ABB's newest OPR advance lightning air terminal
A photo of ABB's newest OPR advance lightning air terminal

ABB Manufacturing Quality

The enviable reputation of the OPR has been earned through maintaining a consistently high quality in manufacturing. Before leaving the factory, each OPR has been tested for installation breakdown at high voltage and subjected to a current test to ensure its performance when conducting lightning discharges. The high-voltage output pulses at the OPR are also examined prior to shipping to verify correct amplitude and frequency.

The OPR is built to withstand the arduous conditions encountered in service. Its ongoing performance can be monitored quickly and simply by using the OPR test set.

The OPR system is eligible for the UL Inspection Report.

The Advantage of Initiation Advance

The unique efficiency of the OPR lightning air terminal is based on a specific initiation advance, well before the natural formation of an upward leader. The OPR generates a leader that rapidly propagates to capture the lightning and direct it to earth. Validated in the laboratory, this gain in time relative to the simple rod provides additional, essential protection.

A diagram showing an LPS that utilizes an OPR advance lightning air terminalA diagram showing an LPS without an OPR advance lightning air terminal

Complete Autonomy

During a storm, the ambient electric field may rise to between 10 and 20 kV/m. As soon as the field exceeds a threshold representing the minimum risk of a lightning strike, this required energy activates the OPR lightning air terminal to generate high voltage pulses. This creates and propagates an upward leader.
No other power sources are required and no radioactive components are used.

A diagram of how an OPR lightning air terminal range installation applies to a building or facility

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