A photo of how a lightning warning system can be implemented at an industrial plant.
A photo of how a lightning warning system can be implemented at an industrial plant.

The First Lightning Alert System Specifically Designed for Industry

Safety and security is a top priority of all industries today. Now, industries can mitigate the risks from lightning with our lightning warning service. So, what can you expect from our services?

Lightning Alert Service Designed for Industry

  • Actual address specific – alerts specifically for your location
  • Manage multiple locations from one account
  • Multiple alert options: text, email, app
  • Easy integration into existing safety procedures & equipment
  • The technology makes the decisions when to implement safety procedures
  • Sophisticated mapping technologies on website & app
  • Nothing to install or maintain
  • Automatic program and technology updates
  • Easy signup
  • Clear, easy to understand alerting system
  • Set off hours – customizable scheduling
  • Technology declares “All Clear”

Simple Payment Plans

  • Priced by number of users
  • Simple monthly charge to a credit card
  • No charges for updates to the system
  • Monthly billing, 6 month, & annual contracts
  • Special one-time event pricing

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A map of the largest most sophisticated global lightning network.
A map of the largest most sophisticated global lightning network.

The Largest, Most Sophisticated Global Lightning Network

  • 1,200 sensors in 40 countries, including Electrostatic and Electromagnetic Field Sensors
  • Early storm warning capabilities
  • Significantly improves warning times over radar & other technologies
  • Superior timing and range accuracy

Lightning Warning System

A lightning strike in the clouds.

AT Storm

Lightning Warning Solutions

Introducing AT Storm, the most advanced Lightning Warning System available today. The AT Storm is true lightning warning and can provide a warning before the first strike. Specifically designed for industry, AT Storm can be integrated into your existing facility warning/alarm systems.

  • Preventive Protection: There are 50 cloud-to-ground discharges per second globally. One of the most potentially catastrophic consequences of these discharges is the loss of human life. Additionally, these discharges affect over 30% of US businesses causing over $5 billion in damages due to a loss in production time and economic damages from the lightning or its consequences such as fire.
  • Early Detection: A proper Preventive Protection, Lightning Warning System, can avoid these catastrophic incidents. Having site-specific information about the risk of thunderstorms allows the user to take preventive measures in advance to protect today’s modern operations.
  • Total Site & Facility Protection: Lyncole continues as the Nation’s leader in Grounding, Lightning Protection, and Surge Suppression systems. We are proud to partner with Applications Technologies to announce our latest product, ATStorm®. This revolutionary Lightning Warning system is the final system that completes our Total Site & Facility Protection Systems.

A photo of a lightning warning protection system.
A photo of a lightning warning protection system.


Where to apply ATStorm

  • Open Areas: Workplaces, sports or open-air activities, competitions, multitudinous events, farming, ranching and/or fishing activities.
  • Technology: Computers, electric or electronic controls, emergency alarm or security systems.
  • Infrastructure: Harbors, airports, trains, roads, highways, and cable railway.
  • Industrial Processes: Prevention of loss in industrial process and operations.
  • Continuity of Service: Operations where basic service continuity has to be assured: telecommunications, power supply, energy transport and distribution, health and emergency services.
  • Hazardous Products: Prevention of serious accidents involving hazardous products and processes (flammable, radioactive, toxic, and explosives)
A lightning strike over a construction site.
A lightning strike over a construction site.

Alerting You to the Things That Matter

The AT Storm is a state of the art, patented, cost-effective, and site-specific solution that is the most technologically advanced Lightning Warning System available today. Lightning Warning is a key part of Total Site and Facility Protection for sensitive electronics, prevention of losses in industrial processes, assuring basic service continuity, and prevention of serious accidents.

AT Storm also takes risk and liability off of your team’s hand by having the technology provide the exact timing for when it’s safe to go back to work for your employees and equipment. This system alleviates these challenges and virtually pays for itself after one use. Industry leaders across the nation have been provided with peace of mind by protecting their employees, customers, infrastructure, and equipment. Contact us today to learn more about these systems and get access to a free trial!

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