Engineering preparing to implement a lightning and grounding system.
Engineering preparing to implement a lightning and grounding system.

Electrical Grounding System Design and Lightning Protection

To fully provide industrial lightning protection, implementing an efficient lightning and grounding system is critical. There are many elements that go into effectively protecting your operations. This includes both lightning protection and grounding products, implementation, and engineering. By combining these elements, we provide a complete total site and facility protection.

Grounding Engineers

Every industrial facility is different and requires a unique electrical grounding system design. This includes site audits and surveys, ground potential rise studies, soil resistivity testing, grounding system compliance testing, and specification reviews and writing. Through this extensive research, we are able to determine the best grounding system design for your business.

Grounding and Lightning Protection Products

With our exclusive and state-of-the-art grounding and lightning protection products, VFC is able to provide a well-rounded system. This includes ZPen Fastening System, ABB OPR ESE, and grounding system products that work in conjunction to protect your building from a catastrophic outage due to a lightning event.

Lightning Protection and Grounding Implementation

Once your system has been designed and the appropriate products have been decided upon, the last step is to put these changes in place. To guarantee a successful lightning and grounding system, implementation is critical. Our professional and knowledgeable team provides managed systems installation, complete turn-key installations, and training to ensure that your system is effective and ready to go.

Industrial Lightning and Grounding System

With a full-time industrial services team, you can rest assured that your building is covered. At VFC, we provide industrial lightning and grounding systems from beginning to end to ensure that you’re receiving the right type of protection. If you’re ready for industrial lightning protection, contact our team today to get started!

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