VFC A history of solutions

In 2006 the original owners, Todd Vought and Travis Vought took on equity partners to implement a growth strategy to become the first national Lightning Protection Company.

In 2008 VFC acquired the assets of Lyncole with its complementary services in grounding engineering and testing and its manufacturing of grounding components like its signature product—the XIT electrolytic grounding system.

In 2021 VFC acquired the Houston-based Taylor Lightning Protection and its outstanding team of employees and relationships throughout south Texas.

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Leading the way with Lyncole

In 2008, Lyncole joined VFC Lightning Protection, adding an additional dimension to our capabilities. Together Lyncole and VFC are the industry’s innovative leaders with the most experienced staff in the industry in providing Total Site and Facility Protection.

Lyncole’s engineers provide a full range of grounding, lightning protection, surge suppression, and lightning warning systems from the design phase to on-site installations. With over 100 years of combined engineering experience, we can provide site-specific services to every client. Additionally, Lyncole has taken its expertise and created education services that are unmatched in the industry, providing public and private courses where attendees can get real-world and up-to-date experience combined with hands-on demonstrations.

Taylor Lightning Protection Team

VFC Group was very excited to announce the 2021 acquisition of Taylor Lightning Protection of Houston, TX. Taylor has been a leader in the Lightning Protection industry in Houston and South Texas for nearly 30 years. Combined with the VFC assets in the region, Taylor Lightning Protection is now the leading Lightning Protection Installation company in the Southern US.

Together, the VFC and Taylor team members provide industry-leading quality, safety, and professionalism.

Meet our Team

We’re proud of our team and the innovation each one brings to our company. We are always looking for more people with a similar passion & experience for innovative engineering. If that’s you, contact us.

Executive Leadership

Kirk Partridge

Chief Executive Officer

Kirk Partridge

Known for a tireless work ethic, inspiring management and hands-on approach to the growth of VFC, Kirk Partridge has been leading the Nation’s largest facility protection company for the past ten years as President of VFC.

After graduating with two Bachelors degree’s he went on to earn his Juris Doctor as well as his MBA from the University of Utah.

After practicing law representing clients in real estate and construction. He decided to follow his passion for creating and building and spent seven years as a residential builder in California. In 2006, Kirk joined VFC as VP of Operations. Once again his aptitude for leading was clearly demonstrated while being responsible for VFC’s expansion for all locations, projects, and installations in the East and Mountain West Regions. Shortly after his success as VP of Operations, he became President of VFC. He is a member of the Utah & Florida Bars and is an LPI Master Installer / Designer certified. (LPI Master Installer / Designer #1466).

Todd Vought

Chief Business Development Officer

Todd Vought

Todd is one of the founders of VFC and is currently its VP of Business Development, Todd has over 30 years of experience in national sales, he also has a solid background in technical product sales and is currently an LPI Certified Master Installer of Lightning Protection Systems. (LPI Master Installer #861)

Prior to the role as VP of Business Development, Todd was the President of VFC Inc. Since 1989 Todd has run VFC’s Lightning Protection business and grew the business from 3 employees to its current position as the largest Facility Protection Company in the United States.

Additionally, Todd is also responsible for all National Sales efforts including management of both direct and sub-contract sales personnel and the Engineering Services Department. This also includes business development and acquisitions. Todd holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and has held several board member positions for several non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.

Travis Vought

Chief Operating Officer

Travis Vought

While attending the University of Utah, Travis became highly active in student government which highlighted Travis’s natural leadership ability. After earning his Bachelor’s degree he took his leadership experience and started VFC. As one of the founders of VFC, Travis plays a dynamic role as our VP of Operations. With over 20 years of in-depth experience in the Engineering and Construction industry.

Travis specializes in the Operations and Construction Services for all installed projects Nationwide. He directly manages a staff of over 150 employees, made up of Project Managers, Installers, and Administrative Assistants. The combination of Travis’s invaluable experience, passion and drive was a direct result of over last year’s industry-leading Installation Sales.

He is currently an LPI Certified Master Installer and is the author of the first accredited Quality Control Program accepted by Underwriters Laboratories for Master Label Certifications. (LPI Master Installer / Designer #1013).

Board of Directors

Hal Milner

Chairman of the Board

Hal Milner

Hal is the chairman of VFC and a native to Salt Lake City. He attended the University of Utah where he received a Mechanical Engineering degree. He then went on to earn his MBA from Harvard University. Early in his career, he was a full-time faculty member of Brigham Young University’s College of Business where he taught courses in Production and Finance. Additionally, he was a member of the Young Presidents Organization and today he is a member of the World Business Organization. He serves as a member of the University of Utah’s College of Engineering National Advisory Council and the University of Utah’s National Advisory Council.

During his business career, he was the Director of Finance for The Amalgamated Sugar Company, Corporate Treasurer and Finance Officer of Marriott Corporation, President and Chief Executive of The Hotel Investors, President and Chief Executive of Americana Hotels and President and Chief Executive Office of The Kahler Corporation. Milner serves as a director/trustee of the Baron Asset group of mutual funds. (Baron has approximately $25 million invested in 13 mutual funds). He is also a director of a software company, Complete XRM. Milner is currently active as Managing Director Kensington Corporation, LLC. Kensington is a major investor in VFC.

Don Krysinski

President of Lyncole Division

Don Krysinski

As President of our Lyncole Division, Don has over 30 years of experience in managing technology companies. For the past 15 years, he has been involved with early-stage companies in the office products industry managing product development and international sales and marketing activities of these companies.

Don joined Lyncole as its President in October of 2008 when Lyncole joined VFC. Don took over as President to guide Lyncole and to utilize the synergies between VFC, creating the industry’s leading innovating company in Grounding, Lightning Protection, and Surge Suppression and Lightning Warning systems for Total Site and Facility Protection.

Executive Team

Dave McKinley

President, VFC Lightning Protection

Dave McKinley

As National Operations Director for VFC, Dave has been with the company for the past 23 years. During that time, Dave has held several management positions. His exceptional leadership skills are one of the attributes to our success including our expansion. With over 23 years of experience in the electrical lightning protection industries, he has held numerous executive positions.

Dave specializes in the project management of lightning protection systems and has overseen operations nationally. His background, level of dedication and quality have proven instrumental our success.

Brody Macfarlane

President, Taylor Lightning Protection

Brody Macfarlane

As President of Taylor Lightning Protection, Brody has been in the lightning protection industry for 19 years holding numerous positions including field installation, project estimation, and project management. His status as an LPI Master Installer #1553 adds to his invaluable field knowledge and management expertise. Growing up as a multi-sport athlete, teamwork laid the foundation which has been paramount in his success at the company.

Brody specializes in the oversight of installations throughout the country with his team leadership and easygoing personality. With his background in installations, there is a rarely a project situation that he has not come across before.

As a father of two boys, with a loving wife, Brody enjoys many adventures with his family in the outdoors as well as numerous sporting events. When he needs to clear his mind, you can find him practicing archery in his back yard.

Rich Franklin

Director of Engineering Services

Rich Franklin

As Director of Engineering Services for VFC, Rich has been with the company for the past 6 years. With over 21 years of experience in the electrical and process control industries, he has held numerous executive positions which include project management, estimating and engineering, electrical contracting and process controls. His current LPI certification of lightning protection systems as a Level 2 certified journeyman installer, adds to his invaluable expertise and experience.

Rich specializes in the estimating and engineering of lightning protection systems and in managing all our process controls projects. Making Rich a valuable asset to VFC. In addition to his LPI Journeyman level 2 certification Rich also holds a degree in electronics engineering and is a level 3 ISA certified technician.

As a proud father of 4 Rich enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family, golfing, landscaping and is an excellent carpenter.

Gary Moffet

National Safety Director

Gary Moffet

As National Safety Director for VFC, Gary has over 20 years’ of experience in Lighting Protection Installation and Design. Gary is a certified Master Installer with LPI and has certification from the UL University as well as Lyncole Grounding certification. (LPI Master Designer / Installer #1416).

After Gary took early retirement from the USAF in 1994 he has worked his way through the company starting back in Utah as a lead helper to now working hard to shape the safety culture of the company to become an accident-free workplace. Gary’s expertise and guidance have helped shape this division into what it is today.

Greg Nichols


Greg Nichols

For more than 25 years, Greg has been a key member of the management team of a number of successful businesses.  Shortly after graduating with a degree in Business Management, he joined the fast-growing Pro Image/Fanzz chain of sports fan apparel shops as the Director of Operations.  He helped grow the company to more than 250 stores.  For the past 10 years, he was VP of Accounting and Operations of Farr Better Ice Cream, a Utah based treat manufacturer that has been making ice cream for more than 100 years.

Greg’s passion for accounting led him to VFC.  As the Controller, Greg manages all accounting functions and the back office.  He oversees a skilled team of office professionals who work hard every day to provide excellent support to our employees, customers, and vendors.

Greg is an avid fly fisherman, loves being outdoors and spending time with his family.

Since its founding in 1989, the VFC Group has grown to become the largest lightning protection company in the nation. The companies and brands of the VFC Group uniquely complement each other to provide lightning resilience solutions to over 30,000 businesses globally.

A photo of two people discussing a project.
A photo of two people discussing a project.

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