A man finding grounding solutions.
A man finding grounding solutions.

Where Grounding Bonds with Science.

To prevent downtime and equipment failure, we implement our XIT® Grounding System, which is the original patented electrolytic grounding system that has been used by all industry leaders. Industry leading technology and expert engineers allows us to provide unmatched grounding solutions. Contact us to speak to one of our grounding professionals!

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Grounding Services

Need some help finding the grounding services you’re looking for? Check out what VFC has to offer!


We employ the largest staff of full time Grounding Solutions engineers in the industry. Learn more about the engineering services we offer and the experts that bring solutions to life.


We hold the original patent of the XIT Electrolytic Grounding System that has become the industry standard. Learn more about all the grounding solutions we provide and the products we offer.


At VFC, our customers receive complete implementation services. This includes managed systems installation, installation supervision, complete turn-key installations, and training.


Our team is proud to service facilities in most industries around the world. This includes commercial, data, energy, health care, government, and military facilities. We have grounding solutions for all. Since we have engineers around the country, we can easily respond to client’s needs quickly.

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