XIT® Straight Shaft

The first and original patented electrolytic grounding system

The continuously advancing telecommunications, data center, computer, and electronics industries require the most advanced systems available. Ahead of its time, the UL-listed, self-moisturizing and maintenance-free XIT Grounding System provides low resistance in diverse climates around the world, without harmful effects on the environment. This system features:

  • Active grounding system constantly replenishes moisture into soil
  • Lowest resistance to ground
  • System performance improves over time
  • Season to season system stability
  • 30-year maintenance-free warranty
  • No hazardous materials or chemicals

Standard Models:

  • K2-10CS: 10′ Straight Shaft model
  • K2-20CS: 20′ Straight Shaft model

A diagram of the XIT® Straight Shaft copper wire for lightning protection.


For environments that do not allow Straight Shaft installation

The Lyncole XIT Grounding System is available in an “L”-Shaped model for environments that don’t allow a Straight Shaft installation. The “L”-Shaped model has the same features and benefits of the Straight Shaft model.

Standard Models:

  • K2L-10CS: 10′ “L”-Shaped model with 10′ horizontal length and 3′ vertical riser
  • K2L-20CS: 20′ “L”-Shaped model with 20′ horizontal length and 3′ vertical riser

A diagram of L-Shaped copper wire for lightning protection.

XIT® Deep Well

Fully submerged application

The d4-11wW Deep Well electrode length is 11 feet. The top end of the electrode is an 8.5-inch long section made of a 2-inch diameter type K copper tube that is soldered to a reducer to join the lower 10-foot section made of a 4-inch diameter type K hard tube.

The K4-11DW is permanently capped on the top and bottom. This deep well electrode is not filled with Calsolyte salts, instead it has holes, allowing the tube to fill with water.

A photo of XIT® Deep Well for lightning protection

Lynconite II® Backfill

Improves ground system performance

Lynconite II is used as a backfill to surround the XIT systems during installation. It is based on natural clay formed by volcanic action. Specially processed to be very electrically conductive, Lynconite II enhances the performance of the grounding system. It is mixed with water (14gals./bag) until a slurry is formed (similar to pancake batter) then pumped or poured around the electrode in the hole.

Benefits include:

  • Highly conductive
  • Improves ground system performance
  • Protects the copper-based XIT Rod
  • Establishes an electrical bond between the XIT Rod and Earth
  • Approved by The National Sanitation Foundation

A photo of Lynconite II® Backfill that is used for grounding solutions.

Lyncole XIT® Grounding Gravel®

The “Quick” Alternative

Lyncole’s Grounding Gravel™ is an alternative, and ground enhancement material, for use when installing Lyncole’s XIT™ Grounding systems. This pelletized form of Lynconite is particularly beneficial for installations involving standing water and can be beneficial for use at other times. Although used in many different applications, it is extremely beneficial for grounding applications.

Grounding Gravel™ is highly conductive which improves the ground system performance. It’s nearly neutral pH also promotes a long life of grounding electrodes and/or grids by protecting them from surrounding soil which may be very corrosive. This is one of the factors that allow Lyncole’s XIT™ grounding systems to be warranted for 30 years with a life expectancy of 50 years. Each 50 lb. bag provides approximately 1.0 cubic feet of backfill material.

Benefits Include:

  • Easily Installed
  • Provides Good Electrical Bond to Earth
  • Very Conductive Electrically
  • Very Protective of Copper
  • Lowers Ground System Resistance

A photo of Lyncole XIT® Grounding Gravel® that is used for the grounding system.

Cover Boxes

Protective covers for your XIT System

These protective cover boxes are made with concrete, polyplastic, or Fiberlyte material and can be used for both indoor and outdoor protection for your XIT System. All cover boxes include a Fiberlyte, concrete, or cast iron vented lid to allow air to flow to the breather holes of the XIT System.

Standard Models

  • Model XB-12F Light Traffic, 9lbs
  • Model XB-12 Medium Traffic, 53lbs/li>
  • Model XB-22 Heavy Traffic, 80lbs/li>

A photo of cover boxes for lightning protection.
A red beam used for lightning protection implementation.
A red beam used for lightning protection implementation.

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