A photo of Lynconite II Backfill Material, one of VFC LP's grounding system products
A photo of Lynconite II Backfill Material, one of VFC LP's grounding system products

The Ideal Grounding Backfill Material

Lynconite II is environmentally safe, meeting NSF Standard 60 requirements.

When mixed with water (approximately 13 gallons per 50 lb. bag), Lynconite II has a relatively low viscosity for approximately 45 minutes before it takes on gel like properties. It is poured into the hole before it gels, then solidifies, it adheres to the electrode and conforms to the hole’s dimensions, filling all voids, cracks and crevices, providing the best possible bond with the surrounding earth.

Unlike carbon based enhancement materials, Lynconite II does not place the grounding system in a corrosive environment. Lynconite II has a near neutral pH promoting a longer life span for any grounding system. Lab tests have shown a 120-year half-life for copper protected by Lynconite II, which is one of the reasons that the Lyncole XIT grounding electrodes can be warranted for 30 years, with a life expectancy of 50 years.

After the Lynconite II has set, it retains the water it was mixed with. If it is exposed to a desiccant (sun, wind), it may reduce some of its surface moisture and crack, but it will remain in a gel state a few inches below the surface.

Product Features

  • Proprietary grounding backfill by the inventor of the world standard XIT® Grounding System
  • Naturally occurring clay-based formula with a resistivity of 0.6 ohms-m
  • Protects the metallic parts of a grounding system from corrosion with a low permeability seal (1x 0-9 cm/sec)
  • Meets NSF 60 water quality safety standards
  • Contains 30% solids to promote the maximum retention of moisture in natural suspension around the XIT Grounding System
  • Proven in 30 years of trouble-free grounding installations
  • Contains no carbon which will produce galvanic activity in a copper grounding system, leading to premature corrosion below-grade and out of sight

Benefits of Lynconite II

  • Provides the best possible electrical bond with earth
  • Environmentally safe
  • Protective of copper
  • Lowers ground system resistance
  • Very electrically conductive
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