Vertstick® Fastening System

Introducing VertStick, the first parapet attachment system that can use VHB tape or M-1 adhesive, all while maintaining prefect alignment along the parapet. So, no penetrations, VHB or adhesive, UL listed, and beautiful cable runs every time. Now, no more restrictions for applications. If you can use adhesive you can use VertStick.

A photo of a Vertstick Fastening System for lightning protection systems.

ABB OPR Initiation Advance Lightning Air Terminal

For today’s modern industrial facilities, conventional approaches to Lightning Protection are often impractical, or even impossible. We have teamed up with ABB®, the international leader in Lightning Protection technology, to provide these facilities with total site and facility protection. The ABB® OPR Lightning Protection system is the world leading ESE technology and is now UL Listed.

A photo of ABB OPR ESE.
A red beam used for lightning protection implementation.
A red beam used for lightning protection implementation.

Grounding Products

Our grounding solution efforts are designed to prevent downtime and equipment failure during lightning storms, which saves your business time and money. Check out our top of the line grounding products and find which solutions are right for you!

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