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The Lyncole XIT® Grounding system now with the only full replacement and 25 Ohm warranty.

That’s right, the XIT System is guaranteed to reach 25 Ohms on most soils and last 30 years. If it fails to do so, Lyncole will not only replace the rod but install the replacement.

Satisfy your high-performance grounding needs today and be protected in the future.

Benefits of the Lyncole XIT Grounding System:

  • Consistent, low impedance, and low resistance earth ground
  • 50-year life expectancy
  • 30-year / 25 Ohm maintenance-free full replacement warranty
  • No hazardous materials or chemicals used in producing XIT rods
  • Continuously UL listed since 1982
  • Lynconite II® backfill material provides a pH balanced environment, inhibiting corrosion
  • Active grounding system replenishes soil moisture, no watering necessary!
  • System performance improves over time as electrolytic roots form

Lyncole XIT® Grounding System (K2-10CSXD)

K = Type K hard copper
2 = Internal diameter of the XIT Electrode (in inches)
10 = Length of electrode in feet (Electrode length can be as long as desired in 10 foot increments)
CS = Complete System including, Fibrelyte Cover Box, Lynconite II® backfill and exothermically welded tail
X = Tail conductor size, 4/0, 2/0, #2, #2T (please call for additional options)
D/U/P = Tail orientation (down, up, or pass-through), can also accommodate multiple tails

Lynconite II Backfill Material

  • Environmentally safe (NSF 60 Certified)
  • Has a low resistivity of 0.6 Ohms/m
  • Is not corrosive, unlike carbon based enhancement backfills
  • Can be used where soil is corrosive to extend the life of regular rods and conductor
  • Lowers ground system resistance
  • Provides a pH balanced environment, inhibiting corrosion

Additional System Features

  • Traffic-rated test wells available
  • Standard models have a 30 year / 25 Ohm full replacement warranty, with a 50 year expected life
  • Heavy duty models have 35 and 40 year warranties
  • Technical and installation support
  • No maintenance
  • 25 Ohm warranty applicable in soils with a resistivity of 100 or less which covers most local soils
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