The Quick Backfill Alternative

Our Lyncole Grounding Gravel is a pelletized form of Ground Enhancement that is used for many applications, none more popular than earth grounding. Our Grounding Gravel has all the qualities of an excellent backfill material for grounding electrodes and conductors.

Lyncole Grounding Gravel is highly conductive, which improves the grounding system’s performance. Its nearly-neutral pH also promotes a long life of grounding electrodes and/or grids by protecting them from potentially corrosive surrounding soil. This is one of the factors that allow Lyncole’s XIT® Grounding Systems to be warranted for 30 years and 25 Ohms, with a life expectancy of 50 years.

Benefits of Grounding Gravel

  • Provides good electrical bond with earth
  • Very electrically conductive— 240 ohms/cm
  • Helps to lower ground system resistance
  • Protective of copper
  • Provides a pH-balanced environment, inhibiting corrosion
  • Environmentally safe, having met the NSF Standard 60 requirement

Simple Installation

  • Easily installed, simply pour in and hose down
  • Lyncole Grounding Gravel® does not need to be mixed into a slurry
  • Instead, pour half a bag into the desired hole or trench, followed by 2-3 gallons of water
  • After 5 minutes the water should be absorbed, repeat this process with the other half-bag
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