lyncole cover boxes for grounding | vfc lightning protection
lyncole cover boxes for grounding | vfc lightning protection

Lyncole Cover Boxes

Our protective cover boxes are made with concrete polyplastic or fibrelyte material and can be used to protect your XIT grounding system from both indoor and outdoor conditions. All cover boxes include a fibrelyte, concrete, or cast iron vented lid, allowing air to flow to the breather holes of the XIT System.

  • Fibrelyte is a proven polyester pre-mix with calcium carbonate and polyester resins interlaced with fibreglass and ultraviolet inhibitors
  • Fibrelyte is durable and made from noncombustible materials
  • Fibrelyte is stronger than precast concrete and it exceeds the WUC 3.6 recommendation for 10,000 lbs wheel loading
  • Fibrelyte boxes are suitable for medium duty non-deliberate traffic (up to class 5 trucks) under ASTM C857 A-8, with a design load value of 8,000 psf

Blackburn Grounding T&B EZ-Ground

Lyncole offers the complete line of Thomas & Betts Blackburn Grid-Ground Compression Connectors. Our E-Z Ground Connectors are designed for direct burial and offer a safe and efficient alternative to exothermic welding products.

These range-taking products will reduce the number of connectors and dies needed for your installation. Blackburn grounding products are UL listed for direct burial.

true test well ttw XB36FTTW | vfc grounding solutions
true test well ttw XB36FTTW | vfc grounding solutions

True Test Well (TTW) XB36FTTW

The TTW is a one of a kind, US manufactured test well with an integrated UL Listed Bus Bar. The True Test Well allows for a complete disconnection between electrical service and your grounding system, allowing for actual systems to ground resistance testing.

VFCWeld Exothermic Line

VFCWeld provides an exclusive line of exothermic welding products. These products are the most efficient and cost effective, with many being state of the art and available today.

The VFCWeld Exothermic welding process is a simple self-contained method of forming high quality electrical connections. The compact process requires no external power or heat source, making it completely portable. Connections are made inside a semi-permanent graphite mold using the high temperature reaction of copper oxide powder and aluminum.

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