A man in a data center with grounding and lightning protection.
A man in a data center with grounding and lightning protection.

Data Center Grounding and Lightning Protection

When an outage at a data center occurs, it can cost your company more than just money. Data centers are the epicenter for all the important information your business keeps in the cloud, as well as on a server. Data center grounding and lightning protection are so critical and necessary for protecting multiple aspects of your company. So, what areas of your business need lightning protection?

Power Supply Lines

It’s no surprise that data centers need a consistent supply of power to work properly. In the event of a lightning strike, the right lightning protection products can safeguard your power supply lines from being affected or harmed in a storm. This, in turn, protects the entire data center from being damaged and saves your company from suffering downtime.

Data Processing and Storage

The actual processing and storing of data is arguably the most important part of data center and communication system lightning protection. If your data is stored on hard disks, an outage could cause your company to lose crucial data permanently. With proper lightning protection and grounding engineering solutions, you can prevent this damage before it happens and ensure that no data is lost.

Data Center Buildings

You can’t protect your data without first protecting the building itself. Commercial lightning protection is your first defense against a lightning strike. This is also a measure that can protect personnel and keep your team safe. VFC is experienced and qualified in lightning protection implementation, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing all aspects of your business are covered.

Data and Communication System Lightning Protection

Protect your communication system and data center from an outage before it happens. With VFC, we ensure that your building, servers, and systems are safeguarded against the damaging effects of lightning. Our experts can help you determine what products and engineering solutions fit your company’s needs. Contact us today and let us help you protect your data!

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