An industrial building that uses facility lightning protection.
An industrial building that uses facility lightning protection.

The Necessity of Facility Lightning Protection

Facility lightning protection is a necessary and important factor in protecting your business from the harmful effects of lightning. This type of lightning protection is necessary for improving risk management and reducing downtime. A successful industrial grounding system design can keep your building up to code, while also preventing lightning-related failures. So, what is needed to achieve industrial lightning protection?


With state-of-the-art and exclusive grounding products, VFC provides a full range of engineered solutions. Customized industrial grounding solutions ensure that your facility is truly protected from any lightning event. These products include the XIT® Deep Well electrode, Lynconite II® Backfill, and Lyncole XIT® Grounding Gravel.


A critical aspect of successful grounding solutions is bonding. This keeps your system in place to ensure that it is working properly. These products are made of heavy cast construction, so they are durable and built to last.

Surge Suppression

While lightning can cause surges, it only accounts for about 20% of transient surges while 80% is produced within the facility. Surge suppression solutions protect your facility from more than just lightning and help to keep it running efficiently. We are teamed with ABB®, Dehn, and PolyPhaser® and together we continue to develop and implement products that provide total site and facility protection.

Industrial Grounding and Lightning Protection

Just like with commercial lightning protection, our goal is to prevent your company from experiencing downtime and losing money due to a harmful lightning strike. VFC’s industrial lightning protection is here to help with a customized solution specifically for your business. Get in touch with one of our experts today and let’s get started with your facility lightning protection!  

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