Government facility lightning protection.
Government facility lightning protection.

Military and Government Facility Lightning Protection

It’s no surprise that there are many important structures and facilities associated with both the military and the government. These facilities contain sensitive equipment and information that must be protected from the adverse effects of lightning. Without proper lightning protection implementation, critical data could be lost and possible explosions could happen. So, what areas of a government or military facility can VFC help protect?

Ammunition Storage Lightning Protection

Protecting ammunition storage from a lightning strike is extremely important for obvious reasons. Ammunition storage lightning protection is arguably one of the most important aspects of protecting a military facility as it can cause physical harm to personnel. Since the type of storage varies depending on the type of ammunition, our team provides customized grounding engineering solutions to ensure safety across the entire facility.

Communications Center

Another important aspect of military and government facility lightning protection is protecting any on-site communication centers. These centers can house vital and important data that could be lost during a surge event. With industrial surge protection, VFC is able to protect this data and provide peace of mind.

Asset Storage

Similar to ammunition storage lightning protection, this is another area of storage in a government or military facility that needs to be protected. In addition to ammunition, this can contain fleet vehicles, rolling stock, and other high-value assets. Through our exclusive lightning protection products, we are able to prevent damage and keep assets safe.

VFC and Lyncole Provides Lightning Protection for Military Facilities

Through our exclusive products and custom designs, we are able to provide lightning protection for government and military facilities globally. Our top priority is protecting personnel and the important areas of each military and government facility. Learn more about how we do this by getting in touch with our experts today!

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