Contractors discussing solar panel lightning protection.
Contractors discussing solar panel lightning protection.

Why Utilize Power Generation Lightning Protection?

The power generation and utility plants that are most susceptible to lightning strikes are also the most important. While a lightning event can be catastrophic for a variety of industries, such as healthcare and communication, the impact of lightning on the above-mentioned plants is far-reaching and can be very detrimental. So, which types of plants benefit most from a state-of-the-art lightning protection system? While every building and industry need lightning protection, let’s take a look at which ones it is crucial.

Solar Panel Lightning Protection

Just like every electronic device, solar panels and systems are especially prone to surges and lightning strikes. These systems are used across many industries, as well as standing on their own to generate renewable energy. Solar panel lightning protection requires the standard equipment but also needs industrial surge protection. This helps prevent the long-term effects of a lightning strike and keeps your operation running effectively.

Lightning Protection for Power Plants

Unsurprisingly, a lightning strike to a power plant causes massive problems. This could affect an entire city and cause widespread issues. Lightning protection for power plants benefits from customized grounding engineering solutions and design services to ensure that the right tools are in place to prevent the aforementioned problems. Our team is experienced in developing and implementing successful and comprehensive lightning protection solutions to prevent downtime.

Nuclear Lightning Protection

Another industry that obviously needs to be protected from a lightning event, nuclear plants could cause disastrous effects. Without up-to-date lightning protection products, nuclear plants are vulnerable to power surges and electromagnetic interference. At VFC, we customize all lightning protection and grounding designs, as well as implement these to ensure the area is properly protected.

Power Generation Lightning Protection

Our team of experts is here to help protect every industry from a detrimental lightning event. From solar panel lightning protection to lightning protection for power plants, we can design and implement the right products to keep your building and employees safe. To get started, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help!

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